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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Eurasian have family trips? 
    Intrepid offers a wide range of Family Adventures around the globe. The minimum age (for Family trips) varies depending on destination, and Intrepid has set minimum ages to ensure that the included activities suit each age range. Additionally, you’ll notice that some of the more adventurous destinations have a higher minimum age. Please view our family adventures for more information.

    How to pay an online travel reservation ?

    Go to Visa Reservation. Choose the right traveling package. Submit your flight and travel details and pay the fee. Wait for an email confirmation with all the details of your Flight.

    How do you provide VIP service to customer ?

    The Welcome Message. A personalized welcome message to your customers is an excellent way to kickoff the VIP customer service experience. Provide a VIP Onboarding. Stay Connected With Regular Check-Ins and Exclusive Service

    Which currency do you accept in your agency ?

    According to the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. dollar is the most popular. As of the fourth quarter of 2019, it makes up over 60% of all known central bank foreign exchange reserves. That makes it the de facto global currency, even though it doesn't hold an official title.

    How do I find out visa requirements for my trip ?

    While we do include information in our Essential Trip Information about visa requirements, we always recommend that passengers check with their local embassy as visa rules can change without warning. Embassy websites in your home country will always have information about requirements, visa costs and will provide the required forms. If you are uncomfortable with the visa process, you can visit a travel agent who can arrange these for you at a cost.

    Where do I find my essential trip information?

    Make sure you bring these with you. Every trip has a set of Essential Trip Information, accessible on our website, that gives you in-depth information about all aspects of your trip. To access your Essential Trip Information, please visit your trip’s specific facts page on our website. The Essential Trip Information are accessible at the top of this page.